Tema Tank Farm MD appeals to government to fix TOR-Kpone road

Mr Bartholomew Darko, Managing Director of the Tema Tank Farm Limited, a petroleum storage management company, has called on the government to fix the TOR-Kpone road.

He said the 7.2 kilometres single carriageway served big industries, including the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR), Tema Tank Farm Limited, ALUWORKS, Sentuo Steel, Sunon Asogli Power Plant, Tema Fuel Company, Send Power, TNPT, and West African Gas Pipeline, amongst others.

Mr Darko, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Tema, said the companies in the heavy industrial enclave generated a lot of revenue for the state and yet the roads were in a bad shape.

He said an effective and efficient road transportation system provided economic benefits to the country, stressing that the road when fixed would also help facilitate production by increasing accessibility and mobility.

He said the road which had fuel tankers and other trucks plying it daily, had deteriorated over time with poor drainage, affecting the movement of vehicles each time it rained.

Mr Darko noted that there had been instances where some trucks had been assailed at night because there were no street lights on the road, “should there be any breakdown of a vehicle at night on that stretch, people will be attacked.”

He, therefore, appealed to the government to commence the rehabilitation of the road, following sod-cutting in August 2020, and said “the hen that lays the golden eggs, should not be denied the basic feed.”

In constructing the road, however, he said, the impact of the load from tankers and trucks should be adequately taken into consideration emphasizing that, hitherto, some works were done but it didn’t last due to heavy load trucks that plied the road.

Source: Ghana News Agency