Protecting our people

Our priority is safeguarding health, safety, security and the environment. We are committed to preventing all accidents, injuries and occupational illness at our depot and all other aspects of our work. To promote an ongoing safety culture, we continually optimize our operations to increase awareness of issues related to safety, and encourage a proactive safety culture.

Robust guidelines aligned to industry best practice

Our Health and Safety team develop and implement robust guidelines, with targets which are benchmarked against our performance to ensure we continually improve.

Along with colleagues and customers, the team also work collaboratively with the Ghana National Fire Service, NADMO, EPA, Factories Inspectorate to ensure we adhere to international safety standards and industry best practice.

Promoting health and safety

Our operations are delivered in-line with the balanced environmental and economic need of the communities in which we operate. We are committed to improving environmental performance throughout our operations, and we ensure this is achieved through actively promoting occupational health and safety, providing information, training, instruction and supervision.

To create a proactive health and safety environment, we operate a ‘low blame’ culture to encourage employees to report hazards including near misses, without fear of reprisal. This ensures that root cause of accidents are identified, and measures are put in place to prevent recurrence.

Consistent standards

Through our consistent approach to safety, adherence to international standards, ongoing reviews and the expertise of our Health and Safety team, TTF has constantly been adjudged the best privately owned depot in Ghana.

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