Gasoline storage

Seamless, safe operations

Equipped to store 70,000cm3 of Ron 91 and Ron 95 grades, we handle high quality gasoline products for our customers. Certified to meet international standards, our storage tanks are equipped with world-class filtration, purification and monitoring systems for seamless operation. Our consistent safety standards make us the depot of choice for private and state oil companies, refineries, petroleum companies, mining companies and petroleum traders.

Gasoil Storage in Ghana

Consistent delivery for our economy and daily lives

We support our customers highly competitive operations and draw on our experience to ensure we deliver high-quality products, that are vital to our economy and daily lives.

To meet the diverse needs of the oil and gas industry, we remain agile and serve our customers needs through years of technical know-how. Everyday, our world-class depot receives, stores and using our cutting-edge loading gantries deliver clean, purified products, optimised for our wide variety of customers.

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Caring for our people

With health, safety, security and environmental protection our top priority, we commit to promoting the proactive adoption of required procedures through the provision of information, training, instruction and supervision.

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