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Efficient storage solutions

With a proven track record of safety we have a strong customer orientation built through years of efficient technical know-how. At TTF, our team work cohesively to ensure we meet the operational objectives of our varied clients. Find out why we are the depot of choice for a broad range of private and state oil companies, refineries, petroleum companies and traders.

Strategic proximity to the CBM

The depot’s close proximity to the CBM eliminates the need for customers to pay booster fees to discharge products into the depot. As well as saving cost, this guarantees service reliability, improves operational safety and protects the environment.

Built to international standards

The depot has several above ground storage tanks built and maintained to API specification. Tanks are fitted with the latest monitoring instruments. Pumps are also fitted with accurate ancillaries to help ensure real-time condition monitoring of the equipment.

State-of-the-art tankage system

We are the only depot with a state-of-the-art and flexible tankage system that could be converted from one product to another without any contamination. Our additional product quality procedures also help to eliminate the risk of contamination.

Modern 18 top-loading arm gantry

Our state-of-the-art gantry has 18 top-loading arms convertible to bottom loading arms (10 gasoil arms and 8 gasoline arms) which guarantees prompt loading of all trucks. Each loading skid dispatches accurate quantities employing the latest batch-controllers that work with one of the best industrial-standard flowmeters.

Fast truck loading times

Our automated loading system guarantees quick turnaround times. With the capacity to load 300 trucks within 8hours, our spacious loading gantry ensures accuracy in product delivery, boasting the fastest loading speeds in Ghana (approx.. 20minutes for 55000ltr capacity BRV).

Cutting edge filtration systems

Our advanced filtration systems ensure fuel is clean for use in special equipment. This affirms our status as the depot of choice for companies in the aviation, mining, metal and non-metal manufacturing, steel manufacturing and other high-value industries.

Storage for specialized products

We have the technical and operational capacity to segregate and load different grades of Gas Oil and Gasoline. We can receive and store specialized or differentiated products and deliver same through our loading gantry.

Ultra-modern truck driver park

Our ultra-modern truck park with restrooms, faith areas, entertainment and other amenities provide rest for drivers. With the capacity to accommodate over 250 trucks, the facility also includes a luxurious driver and office spaces for customers.

Trusted in Ghana and West Africa

Over the years the depot has grown significantly in the supply of petroleum products within Ghana and to neighbouring countries such as Mali and Burkina Faso.

Our insights

Driven by our vision to become Africa’s preferred energy logistics company, we ensure health, safety and the environment are our top priority. Watch the videos below to find out more about TTF.

TTF in numbers

Our consistent safety record has become industry standard. Through world-class quality procedures we remain the preferred depot in Ghana.



cm3 storage capacity for various grades of Gasoil and Gasoline



without major incident affirming our unrivalled safety record



loaded daily boasting the fastest and most accurate speeds

Your preferred choice

With a record for reliability, we are the depot of choice for many businesses in Ghana and West Africa. Contact us to find out how we can help to improve your operations.

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